Tommy Sotomayor – Heart Of Gold


Celebrity Talk Radio Personality Tommy Sotomayor did what many brothers should start doing, Forgiveness. Sotomayor ended his beef with TRS (Talk Real Solutions) co-host Clifton Rainey by proving a helping hand. Rainey was arrested recently for assault. Rainey was held on 10,000 bail. Sotomayor traveled to Chicago, IL to bail out Rainey, his once nemesis. Rainey did not know it was Sotomayor who bailed him out until he came home and found Sotomayor talking with Rainey’s mother. It was an EPIC moment where two brothers came together to end their disagreements. Even-though Rainey made a lot of threats to Sotomayor, obviously Rainey was caught up in the moment and realized who his REAL friends are. They are sure as hell not the people at TRS. The owner/exec at TRS should be ashamed of himself.

No matter what people say negative about Tommy


Tommy has a heart of GOLD, and no one can take that away from him.

Here’s the Video

Black Bike Weekend Murder

This video was brought by Tommy Sotomayor. Yeah Yeah we can say that Whites do it too, however we are the minority and they are the majority. The majority takes measures to prevent further bloodshed, the minority just keeps doing the same thing until the majority steps in and takes care of their problems. If you guys can’t come together for something constructive to help your people, don’t have these stupid nigga events.