French Police charged with Rape of a 22 year old BLACK man


A French police officer was charged with Rape of a victim by the name of THEO. Theo was a victim of police brutality in the city of Paris. He was handcuffed, pepper-sprayed and anally raped with a truncheon for no apparent reason. Part of the stop and frisk program, Theo became a victim of the vicious, sadistic, psychotic, racist behavior of corrupt police officers. The officers attempted to lie about the incident and state the rape did not happened even-though video footage shows otherwise. French Government initially backed up the officers until evidence came out. Theo was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery of his anus. Police admitted it was “UNINTENTIONAL.” Theo is currently at the hospital. Disgraceful French President¬†Francois Hollande visited the young victim to make attempts to calm the situation down. So far protesters are in full force and riots has started in the name of Theo. Theo is 22 years old, employed, and has NO CRIMINAL RECORD. This an example of corrupt police officers abusing their power for their BDSM fetishes. How can the Police Unions expect citizens to RESPECT their authority yet they ignore or refuse to ROOT out corrupt officers within their ranks? If you have unstable, evil, racist, sexist, sadistic, officers in your ranks, they NEED to be FIRED. We the taxpayers pay their salaries and pensions. I do believe officers need to be treated with respect as long as the feeling is mutual towards the citizens. I pray Theo recovers and SUES the Paris police department, and the French Government for liability. How can some of you anti-black lives matter groups label the organization as terrorist groups or agitators. They exist because corrupt cops exist. Yes BLM has ulterior motives and they are owned by George Soros, but SOME member of BLM are about justice and respect of the law. We cannot turn a blind eye on police brutality and normalize it. Unfortunate GOOD cops get to be taken down by bullets meant for the CORRUPT ones.