French Police charged with Rape of a 22 year old BLACK man


A French police officer was charged with Rape of a victim by the name of THEO. Theo was a victim of police brutality in the city of Paris. He was handcuffed, pepper-sprayed and anally raped with a truncheon for no apparent reason. Part of the stop and frisk program, Theo became a victim of the vicious, sadistic, psychotic, racist behavior of corrupt police officers. The officers attempted to lie about the incident and state the rape did not happened even-though video footage shows otherwise. French Government initially backed up the officers until evidence came out. Theo was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery of his anus. Police admitted it was “UNINTENTIONAL.” Theo is currently at the hospital. Disgraceful French President Francois Hollande visited the young victim to make attempts to calm the situation down. So far protesters are in full force and riots has started in the name of Theo. Theo is 22 years old, employed, and has NO CRIMINAL RECORD. This an example of corrupt police officers abusing their power for their BDSM fetishes. How can the Police Unions expect citizens to RESPECT their authority yet they ignore or refuse to ROOT out corrupt officers within their ranks? If you have unstable, evil, racist, sexist, sadistic, officers in your ranks, they NEED to be FIRED. We the taxpayers pay their salaries and pensions. I do believe officers need to be treated with respect as long as the feeling is mutual towards the citizens. I pray Theo recovers and SUES the Paris police department, and the French Government for liability. How can some of you anti-black lives matter groups label the organization as terrorist groups or agitators. They exist because corrupt cops exist. Yes BLM has ulterior motives and they are owned by George Soros, but SOME member of BLM are about justice and respect of the law. We cannot turn a blind eye on police brutality and normalize it. Unfortunate GOOD cops get to be taken down by bullets meant for the CORRUPT ones.

Bill Cosby’s “MELA CULPA”


By: Jack Newton


Celebrated comedian, actor, philanthropist, and activist,  Bill Cosby has decided to seek a plea deal after exhausting all his legal options. Cosby is accused of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand back in 2004. The incidents (three times) were at Cosby’s mansion. Cosby was an counselor for Constand. Cosby admitted the sexual encounter was consensual, but Constand stated she was molested by Cosby. I’m not here to defend or attack Cosby. If Cosby did assault Constand and thirty-nine other women, Cosby deserves jail time and compensate the women who were victims of his attacks.

However, if Cosby is going to face these allegations and not get away neither should Hugh Hefner. Hefner is just as guilty as Cosby when it comes to sexual assaults. Numerous sexual acts occurred in the Playboy Manison. Numerous stories about Hefner, Cosby and others who engaged in sexual activities in the mansion. Why isn’t justice being served against Hefner? Why isn’t justice being served against comedian Woody Allen? Why isn’t justice being served against film producer Roman Polanski? Will Cosby begin to spill all the Hollywood secrets if he is not given what he wants, avoiding prison time? Did this start because Cosby tried to buy National Broadcasting Company (NBC)? If so, Cosby crossed the wrong people. Cosby should hope he just has to pay x-amounts of money to the victims and avoid jail time. Cosby is legally blind, so he will not last long in jail.

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Growing numbers of female teachers are being prosecuted for sexual assault due to changing attitudes and more women cops, claims Department Of Education
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Christian school teacher, 27, who had two-month sexual relationship with 15-year-old student apologizes for ‘taking his innocence’
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EXCLUSIVE: ‘I’ve never had a boyfriend. No one will love me when they know what he did to me. I feel shame’: Paedo Gary Glitter’s victim breaks her ten year silence
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Parents Rape Son


Ohio Elementary School Teacher Charged With Raping Her Son


Lori Ann Anderson (Mom) & Charles Wycuff (Dad)
Lori Ann Anderson, who’s been teaching for 29 years ‘without a single complaint,’ has pleaded not guilty to assaulting her son with her ex-husband—and is ready ‘to tell her side of it.’
A small-town Ohio elementary school teacher just racked up 25 charges on an otherwise clean record for allegedly raping her son.

Lori Ann Anderson, a 50-year-old teacher in tiny Cridersville, a hamlet home to fewer than 2,000 people that markets itself as “small-town America at its very best,” appeared in court Monday and pleaded not guilty to 23 felony charges, including sexual battery, gross sexual imposition, and 11 counts of rape, along with two counts of obstructing justice. Her lawyer, Richard Kerger, told The Daily Beast that she is preparing to go to trial.

Anderson was indicted alongside her ex-husband, 53-year-old Charles Wycuff, who faces 54 felony charges. While Anderson’s charges all trace back to June 11, 1999, when her son was a young teen, the dates of Wycuff’s alleged offenses begin two years earlier, in 1997. His charges include pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor, rape, and sexual battery.

A special prosecutor with the Ohio attorney general’s office had been investigating Anderson and Wycuff for more than two years before filing charges Friday. Kerger said he believes the inquiry began after Anderson’s son went to police.

Kerger accused Wycuff of being “abusive, dominant, engaged in misconduct,” and said he was “pretty much in charge of orchestrating it.” Wycuff’s lawyer did not answer a call for comment from The Daily Beast. Wycuff is being held in jail on $500,000 bond.

“This investigation has gone on for years,” her lawyer said. “She’s relieved to tell her side of it.”

He and Anderson have not been married since 2003. In their dissolution agreement, Anderson was ordered to pay $255 in monthly child support.

Anderson’s son, who no longer lives in Ohio, is now 29 or 30 years old, Kerger said. Anderson had another son who lived with his mother and Wycuff at the time of the alleged abuse, but he is not involved in the case now.

Anderson is out on bail after posting 10 percent of a $150,000 bond. Her lawyer said he thought she had been fired from her job, as a first-grade teacher at Cridersville Elementary. The school principal did not return a request for comment. Anderson lives in Lima, about 15 minutes from the school.

Anderson has been teaching first through third grade in the public school system for 29 years, “without a single complaint,” her lawyer said. “She likes teaching kids, young kids.”

“This investigation has gone on for years,” he added. “She’s relieved to tell her side of it.”

Jack’s Commentary –

I find this a disturbing trend or the media made it easier for people to peer into the private lives of the American People.

Here’s my problems with this story.

  1.  It took all these years to finally conclude an investigation and make some arrests. This was going on since 1999. Why didn’t they then do something about this horrific abuse?
  2. Why is the father’s bail higher than the mother’s? They both committed horrific crimes against their SON. Her lawyer is arguing that it was all him. I beg to differ.
  3. Why are schools recruiting child molesters, pedophiles, rapists as teachers?

Both parents should be treated equally as CRIMINALS. Not one gets off easier because one is a female. We hear this wave of Teacher-UnderageStudent sex acts all over the media, and it seems in most cases the female teacher gets off easy depends on how she looks. If she’s blonde, blue-eyes in most cases the judge will have sympathy for her because in their mind what she did to the little boy was “harmless” and that was every young boys dream. But if she is like this lady to the right here

Debra Lafave & Ethel Anderson

you get a stiff 38 years prison sentence.  And the teachers committed these acts in the STATE of FLORIDA. One got house arrest, the other a mere life sentence.

When a man commits a sexual crime against a minor, he’s automatically demonized by court of public opinion (and righteously so if HE did it – ex. R Kelly) but when it comes to the woman, it’s justified. ex –

she had marriage issues

she was lonely

her husband was abusive

men are crazy

she was abused as a child

her husband did not satisfy her

It seems we are willing to accept excuses from women who commit crimes. Now again, this is not women bashing, these are facts. If a man was going through the same justification as above, society would tell them to “TOUGHEN UP” “MAN UP” “STOP BEING A SISSY”, so if that’s the case, should some of women’s rights be taken away if we are going to have a double standard? If a women does the same EXACT crime as a man, should she be punished in the same manner as the man? You can’t have your cake & ice cream and eat it too. Either you want be in the equality of all adults, or be placed in the category as a child, limited rights.

Doing some “MINOR” Research of this craze of adult women and young boys/ adult men young girls, there are a lot of novels fantasizing these “sic” acts. More disturbing a number of novels dealing with Mother- Son, Father- Daughter fantasies.

These are the same people who act out these actions that are teaching your schools. Are the children safe from these people who act out their fantasies?

The bible says not to uncover the nakedness of your children and children not to uncover the nakedness of your parents for it is a shame in the eyes of the lord.

I don’t know about you but I believe if marijuana is legalized in all 50 states, these sexual acts will intensify by 1000 percent. I do believe in DECRIMINALIZING Marijuana, but not LEGALIZING it.

What are your thought?


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‘If I only had 10 days to live I would kill all black people’: Racist teacher tells students what’s on the top of her bucket list and manages to KEEP her job

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Cereal killers? More than half of rice products including Rice Krispies and Heinz baby rice exceed new EU limits for ARSENIC

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Woman jailed for six years after she falsely screamed rape prompting mob – including her own father – to chase down innocent man and beat him to DEATH

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