Eric Garner



43 Year old father of six children Eric Garner was put to death by Satan Island Finest NYPD yesterday. Garner was accused by the police of selling untaxed cigarettes on a corner. Garner broke up a fight earlier which sent in the police. Garner was pleading his case that he was minding his business. Police did not buy into it. The UN-trained police placed Garner in a choke-hold even-though Garner did not resist. 9 Cops slammed Garner to the ground and sat on top of his neck until he went into a cardiac arrest and died on the concrete. Video was shot by a local neighbor Ramsey Orta. This is POLICE BRUTALITY. Where are those so-called TOUGH GUYS on YouTube and Facebook whoa make daily death threats?


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No Protection



  Prince Avitto          6                                                             Mikayala Capers            7

Two innocent children from East Brooklyn NY were stabbed by an animal. Prince Avitto, 6 was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Mikayala Capers, 7 is in stable condition. This is heart-wrenching to type this.

Another person, Tayana Grant-Copeland was stabbed two days ago and died.


ImageTayana Grant-Copeland

Police believe the stabbings were by the same man artist sketched here




If you know this guy, please contact the NYPD and get this animal arrested.

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