When being Micro-Passive-Aggresive-Political goes wrong


Solidcore founder and owner Anne Mahlum realized that fitness business and politics don’t MIX. Mahlum found that Ivanka Trump signed up to one of 14 franchise gyms, Solidcore. Mahlum took upon herself to call out Trump (who used another name to conceal her identity) on Facebook to so-call “DEFEND” her clients of Ivanka father’s policies. Mahlum breached the client-trainer confidentiality agreement. If Mahlum had a problem, she should had done it in private and NOT on social media. I have a VERY VERY VERY small business. I have both Liberal and Conservative customers. I RESPECT their privacy and NOT divulge their information on who they are based on POLITICS.  Mahlum played a deadly business move which could haunt her in the long run. Most of Mahlum clients are most likely CONSERVATIVE. They may NOT tell you, but they are.  As business-people, we must walk a fine line between business and personal emotional politics. Mahlum is not a evil woman, but she did risk gaining more clients since they understand they might be within the range of her attacks if they do not align with her politics. This is NOT defending you clients, this is putting your clients on notice that you have disregarded their client-trainer confidentiality agreement. Ivanka Trump is NOT Donald Trump. You cannot condemn her for her father’s craziness. Just like you Ms. Mahlum cannot condemn you as an ALCOHOLIC because your FATHER was.