The Hunger Pains

Tamisha Glashen

Man accused of writing ‘N*****’ on receipt given to black Red Lobster waitress sues restaurant and waitress after handwriting experts finds he DIDN’T write the racial slur

Son of Hunger Games assistant director stabbed three roommates to death before shooting dead three random students after posting embittered murder manifesto because he was ‘still a virgin’

Natural Born Killers – True Nature of The Edomite Male

ImageI guess the movie “NATURAL BORN KILLERS” starring Woody Harrelson had it right, Edomites (Caucasians) are killers by nature. I’m not addressing all Edomites who have these tendencies to kill on impulse. Just the majority we see in the news, people we know. Elliot Rodger, the son of THE HUNGER GAMES assistant director, murdered six people. Three men and three women are dead in the result of mass murder mayhem Rodger (Nero) plagued upon the city of Santa Barbara. Rodger was surrounded by Santa Barbara County Sheriff Department and confronted when he committed suicide.

Sources say Rodger suffered from  Asperger’s Syndrome, yet he was able to obtain 3 handguns and 400 rounds of ammunition, LEGALLY. This sounds like the typical excuse used upon Adam Lanza

ImageAdam Lanza


The same excuse used on James Holmes

ImageJames Holmes


However, when an Ishamelite man (Arab) uses guns and bombs, he is a TERRORIST.

When an Israelite man (Judah – Negro) uses guns and bombs, he is a THUG.

When an Edomite man (Caucasian) uses guns, knives, and bombs, he has MENTAL ILLNESS.

Media Hypocrisy at it’s finest.


Rodger’s reason for his killing spree in his ‘sic’ manifesto was “HE COULD NOT GET LAID”

He was not happy being an virgin.

With all the money in the world, he could not get a woman, not even a so-called blonde weave, blue contacts wearing Black Woman? WOW, he must be crazy.

What are your thoughts?