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Okay, HERE it goes. My name is Chad Newtown or some may know me as Jack. I am a photographer from a small town named Crossett Arkansas. For years on and off I have done photography. From nature, landscape, animals, weddings, etc. I hate to be a beggar because that’s what it sounds like. I current own a Nikon D60 (bought from a friend years ago) and it’s a great camera, but it’s outdated and it only maxes 10.2mp (megapixels). I often saved and budget but something always comes up (bills, radio show fees, storage of photo fees, etc.). In the end I would not have enough for a new camera. My aim is to obtain the Nikon D5500, a more updated DSLR Camera. The link here – http://imaging.nikon.com/lineup/dslr/d5500/inde…

I do great photos, but I believe I can do even greater photos with an 24.2mp camera with more upgraded features. My true goal is to become a full-time professional photographer. I find beauty with photographs (especially if they are good and well taken). Photographs freezes time from people to landmarks, we change, but the photos taken DO NOT. In this social media days, I need to keep up.

Any donations will be grateful. My goal is $1500.00 for camera and possible 2 lenses along with new tripod. I already have 2 basic lenses. I just need a wide-angle, and a pancake lens, and whoooh boy are they expensive.

I thank you for your time.

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if you have any questions, please ask away.