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Frantic search for star doctor, aged just 25, who vanished on her way to work at children’s hospital – after a glittering educational career following her graduation from high school at age 16

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Ex school counselor sentenced to nearly 14 years in prison for having months-long sexual affair with 13-year-old student

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Killer ‘shot his newly-married stepdaughter so he could video himself having sex with her dead body – then buried her behind his shed’

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Cops praised after taking down rampaging knifeman, 44, who stabbed four people on Amtrak train WITHOUT shooting him dead

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White Washing of Biblical History – Maccabees 3:48





‘Since when are Egyptians not white? All I know are’: Rupert Murdoch faces ridicule after tweeting his thoughts on row about white actors playing roles in new Moses film

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2853760/Since-Egyptians-not-white-know-Rupert-Murdoch-gets-slammed-comments-backlash-white-actors-playing-leading-roles-new-epic-Moses-film.html#ixzz3KTHeCGTI
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Ray Rice’s wife tries to rescue shamed NFL star’s career in Lauer interview: She tells of her anger at league and how her ‘heart’ told her to stay with him as he’s cleared to play again

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Hunt for serial killer ‘targeting ‘Atlanta homeless’ after two men were fatally shot in their sleep just miles from each other

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Friday Night Talk Radio – What Is On Your Mind “KEEP IT CLEAN”

Jack Radio Show 1234



Real-life Breaking Bad: The incredible story of how a ‘cool cat’ science professor ‘led a double-life as a gun-toting, Harley-riding, biker gang meth dealer called Skinz’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2735075/Real-life-Breaking-Bad-The-incredible-story-cool-cat-science-professor-led-double-life-gun-toting-Harley-riding-biker-gang-meth-dealer-called-Skinz.html#ixzz3Bjp8PRIh
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Man who was shot dead by police in Walmart WAS carrying a toy gun and was facing away from officers, according to surveillance footage seen by family

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‘I want girls to stop and think before they share intimate images’: Woman whose nude photos appeared on ‘revenge porn’ site goes public to raise awareness

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2735473/I-want-girls-stop-think-share-intimate-images-Woman-ex-published-nude-photos-revenge-porn-site-goes-public-raise-awareness.html#ixzz3BjpXN3hR
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‘They didn’t have to kill him:’ Family’s fury over death of ‘depressed’ teen who was shot ’16 times’ by police

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Coroner rules that young black man, 22, who was handcuffed behind his back shot HIMSELF in the chest

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One conflicting story after another. I’m getting tired of the lies. The people DEMAND the truth no matter how harsh it is. Mike Brown DID commit THEFT. Officer Darren Wilson DID commit MURDER. One does not justify the other.


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The answer is NOT Rioting and Looting. What will that accomplish? NOTHING but more SIN. You are looting and burning your stores that you need to support your families. School is starting back up and your children will not have the necessary tools need to learn because BROTHER, SISTER, or MOM AND DAD decide it was cool to do so.


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WE do NOT need these WEAK, PATHETIC, OPPORTUNIST, RACE HUSTLERS to interfere WHAT needs to be done. Preachers, so-called Civil Rights Leaders have failed us in the past and today. They succeeded in deceiving the masses and lining their coffers.  These puppets work for THE MAN (EDOM).


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There are those who help and stand the weather.


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There are those who Protest and Express.


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And there are those who’s tactics resemble JIM CROW’S KLAN




The answer is UNDERSTANDING GOD’S PLAN. There must be tribulation in order to have LIBERATION. God’s Children (The Israelites) will wake up and understand that they are greater than what the WORLD thinks. Without God’s Plan ( Keeping Commandments, Laws, Statues, High Holy Days) tragedies like this will keep looking like this MAN 1408113086444_Image_galleryImage_Michael_Brown_Sr_stood_al

Police Brutality Ep. 5

This is a difficult case to call. 18 Year old St. Louis, MO resident Michael Brown was shot and killed by police. An altercation stated between Brown, his friend and the police officer. I’ll let you the READERS be the judge of this case.

I will be on blogtalkradio this evening at 5:30pm CT to comment on this tragic story

Jack Newtown Show

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