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Omerta Facebook, Somali Execution, Paul George


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From omerta to online: Modern mafia bosses break with tradition of generations of secrecy by flaunting wealth and power on Facebook

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Violent man arrested in murder of popular high school counselor smirks at reporters while being led away

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Three Somali men convicted of Al-Shabab terror atrocities are executed by firing squad

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Mom thanked Jesus after chokehold homicide ruling

Ibuprofen can make men more emotional – but has the opposite effect on women, researchers find

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Hopes for Indiana Pacers star Paul George’s recovery from horrific on-court scrimmage injury after doctors operate on his broken leg… but it could be 18 MONTHS before he is healed

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Thieves steal $1million in designer goods from Texas beauty queen’s two storey ‘she-cave’ after she proudly showed off its contents on Good Morning America

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Talk About Chamique Holdsclaw ESPN Female Commentators

ESPN Women Commentators attack Ray Rice and Stephen A Smith but they are silent with Chamique Holdsclaw. Holdsclaw assaulted her girlfriend at the time and then shot at her.