Reparations In Evanston, IL?

8f5b00df-e909-4451-bb60-5f80dcfe3f21 Evanston Alderman Robin Rue Simmons

Evanston alderman Robin Rue Simmons approves all marijuana related taxes to local reparations program for blacks in the city of Evanston. This is a strong initiative into compensating blacks in America for the years (and still) of systematic oppression, Jim crow laws, lack of compensation to the descendants of slaves who built this country.  Reparations is usually an unpopular topic for non-black people and refuse to address it. I believe this is a great idea from Alderman Simmons. It may not be a lot, but it’s a start. How will these reparations be implemented? Education? Debt Forgiveness? Land? Money? Gold? Silver? Hopefully reparations will come in form of debt forgiveness, land, gold, ownership of media outlets, ownership of agricultural, medical, water, electrical, infrastructure resources, low interest loans, dual-citizenship to their motherland (claimed) and free technical/vocational training.  If the Jewish people that arrived in America received reparations, Armenians, Polish, European Pioneers, Japanese (Interment camps), Native Americans (Reservations and Casinos) received reparations, why can’t the blacks in America? If no one was compensated in America, we would not have this argument.

It’s fair to say that blacks in America have been the most oppressed, incarcerated, demonized groups of people all over the world. It would also be fair for blacks to get their just due. When blacks learn about their culture, heritage, and language, they become an orderly, disciplined, law-abiding, peaceful nation of people. The Commie-Crats and some Red-Necklicans do not want blacks in America to be an orderly, disciplined, law-abiding, peaceful nation of people because that bring true change and power. I know poor whites will complain “what about us?” That’s fair enough to ask. I suggest to them if they are descendants of slaves (Irish and Italian) in America, they should demand reparations also.

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