Joycelyn Savage comes out against R&B Crooner R-Kelly



Joycelyn Savage love affair with Robert Sylvester Kelly is OVER . Savage comes out stating that everything said about Kelly from the previous girls/women are true. Savage claims Kelly instructed her to caller her DADDY and MASTER. Savage claims Kelly promised her a music career with never materialized. Savage has a pateron site where she is charging sheckles for tidbits of information.  Savage now has claimed she was pregnant with Kelly’s baby in 2016 and was forced to abort the child.

The problem I have with this is, WHY? Why now come out when many alleged victims have came out? As of late, Kelly has financial issues that kept him from supporting the two women (Savage and Azriel Clary) upkeep. Could money be the motivating factor for Savage to come out? MONIES LOW, H**S GO.

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