“ALLEGED” Assault at the White House Press

Jon Decker (Fox News)
By: Jack Newtown

An ALLEGED assault in the White House Press Room perpetrated by Fox News reporter Jon Decker on Gateway Pundit Lucian Wintrich. Wintrich claims on March 10th, Decker (the above photo)  confronted and yelled at him for claiming Wintrich was a Nazi. Decker went around the room and telling everyone the Gateway Pundit was fake news and a bunch of racists. There is confirmation that the confrontation happened, but witnesses also stated there was NO assault. Wintrich still claims he was assaulted even-though Wintrich has NO evidence of the assault.  Journalist April Ryan queried Wintrich’s assault claims and allegations of Wintrich  being a racist.

Honestly, I do not care if Gateway Pundit is a alt-right leaning news organization, as long what they put out is FACTS. Wintrich claims he was assaulted by Decker yet cannot provide footage of the sort. Wintrich has stated he will file assault charges on Decker and possibly suing Fox News for the ALLEGED assault. I’m not saying the assault happened, I’m just saying YOU NEED EVIDENCE.

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