Klan Mentality – President-elect Trump Associates


By: Jack Newtown

New York Real Estate developer and President-elect Donald J Trump’s associate Carl Paladino has caused a firestorm with his incendiary comments towards President Barack Hussien Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. USA TODAY reports Paladino made racial statements towards the first lady Michelle Obama from a publication in Buffalo, NY called Artvoice. Here is his statement towards the first lady

  “Michelle Obama.  I’d like her to return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla.” 

Paladion deny’s his statement about the first lady was NOT racist. Paladion doubled down and responded to the media questioning his racist statements.

It has nothing to do with race.  That’s the typical stance of the press when they can’t otherwise defend the acts of the person being attacked.

Mr. Paladion, sir you’re statements were and are racist. You should be called out for your bigotry in referencing the first lady as a man. You went further to state she should move to Zimbabwe and mate with a gorilla in a cave. That’s like saying that Guineas are liars, thieves, mobsters, murders, rapist, child molesters by someone who is not of Italian heritage. That would offend the Italian community, righteously so.

You have a right to critique the Obama Administration, and have dislike for them, but don’t play the victim when you got caught using Klanlistic language. Remember, your Italian heritage has some BLACK in you. Does the word MOOR sound familiar, it should.

Mr. President-elect Trump, you sir must take responsibility for who you associate with. You must condemn, disavow, disassociate yourself from associates that can give you that RACIST label. Show America that you will not tolerate such racial behavior from those close to you. You are elected as a unifying leader, not divider. Prove to the naysayers who accuse you of being a racist that you are beyond race lines. Or, you will validate those who accuse you of comforting Klan Mentality behavior from your associates and SOME of your supporters. Walk the fine line Trump, or prepared to be tossed out.

CNN sued for Racial Discrimination

Dewayne Walker
Dewayne Walker

By: Jack Newtown

Current CNN employee Dewayne Walker had enough of being racially discriminated. Walker  decided to lawyer up and sue CNN, Turner Broadcasting, and parent company Time Warner. Breitbart news media covers the story. Walker who has worked for CNN 13 years claims he was passed over for promotions numerous times, received lower review scores than his Caucasian counterparts. Walker has accused CNN of engaging in retaliation, nepotism, discrimination, and racism. 

Walker has filed a discrimination suit against CNN. Walker stated CNN retaliated against him for filing the suit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Walker is seeking $50 million dollars in damages. Celeslie Henley and Ernest Colbert Jr. are also on the plaintiff suit. Attorney Daniel Meachum representing the plaintiffs claimed at least 30 or more insiders helped the plaintiffs get valuable information to bring forth this suit.

My question is, what does Van Jones has to say? What does Donna Brazile have to say? What does Don Lemon have to say? What do any other people of color staff have to say (if they can speak without retaliation). The suit claims that one of the superiors made this statement  ‘it’s hard to manage black people’ and ‘who would be worth more: black slaves from times past or new slaves.’”

I was under the IMPRESSION that CNN championed themselves in diversity and equality. Funny how CNN and other leftist sympathizing news organizations accuse Fox News and Breitbart of racism, sexism, discrimination, and lack of diversity. Yet CNN is caught red handed in the same tactics that CNN and other leftist organizations claim they’re against. I hope the plaintiffs win their case and others will come out with their grievances.


Bill Cosby’s “MELA CULPA”


By: Jack Newton


Celebrated comedian, actor, philanthropist, and activist,  Bill Cosby has decided to seek a plea deal after exhausting all his legal options. Cosby is accused of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand back in 2004. The incidents (three times) were at Cosby’s mansion. Cosby was an counselor for Constand. Cosby admitted the sexual encounter was consensual, but Constand stated she was molested by Cosby. I’m not here to defend or attack Cosby. If Cosby did assault Constand and thirty-nine other women, Cosby deserves jail time and compensate the women who were victims of his attacks.

However, if Cosby is going to face these allegations and not get away neither should Hugh Hefner. Hefner is just as guilty as Cosby when it comes to sexual assaults. Numerous sexual acts occurred in the Playboy Manison. Numerous stories about Hefner, Cosby and others who engaged in sexual activities in the mansion. Why isn’t justice being served against Hefner? Why isn’t justice being served against comedian Woody Allen? Why isn’t justice being served against film producer Roman Polanski? Will Cosby begin to spill all the Hollywood secrets if he is not given what he wants, avoiding prison time? Did this start because Cosby tried to buy National Broadcasting Company (NBC)? If so, Cosby crossed the wrong people. Cosby should hope he just has to pay x-amounts of money to the victims and avoid jail time. Cosby is legally blind, so he will not last long in jail.

C.I.A. accuses Russia of interfering in the 2016 Presidential Elections

According to the New York Times, the Central Intelligence Agency claims the Russian Federal Government interfered in the 2016 Presidential Elections. CIA claims Russia hacked into both the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee, and revealed information on the Democrat side while withheld information on the Republican side. President-elect Donald J Trump scoffed at the intelligence from the CIA. Let’s just say that Russia interfered in the elections. Question is, on WHOSE watch that happened? You guessed it, President Barack Obama. President Obama would be to blame for lack of response. It’s not Trump’s fault “IF” the interference happened during the election. But who are we to blame? CIA has been in involved of rigging elections in other nations, sending hit-teams against those who oppose the CIA. Sabotaged revolutionary organizations that warned us about the corruption of the federal government. SO what “IF” Russia interfered. We as the people cannot have this “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO” mentality. Either we lead by example, or shut our mouths and mind our own business. I can understand that Trump does NOT fully trust the CIA, neither would I after what they done to people that exposed the government for their corruption. President Thomas Jefferson quoted, “QUESTION YOUR GOVERNMENT.” The statement rings true to this day.