Celerbrity Photos EXPOSED

Hacking group 4Chan has plastered photos of famous female celebrities in their private intimate moments.


4Chan is know for their controversial hacking. The names of the celebrities include



Jennifer Lawrence



Kate Upton


Selma Gomez


Hillary Duff


There are many other celebrities who’s photos were leaked.  Many have pointed the finger at Apple’s I-Cloud service for lack of security features.



I investigated the matter and revealed the photos do exist. I will NOT put links to the photos. You have to Google them yourself. Jack does NOT want to get sued. I’m like Roland Burris, “I ain’t got no money.”

People want to feel sorry for these celebrities. I am one that will call it straight down the middle, no snake-eyes, 7, 11’s I’m hitting.

1. These ladies put themselves in these positions to get exposed. You DON’T upload your sexual intimate photos to anywhere. If you want nude photos do it the old style POLAROIDS and keep them in a safe deposit box. Uploading them to the computer or cloud storage is YOUR FAULT. You can’t blame 4Chan for putting these photos out. 

2. YOU ARE A CELEBRITY. Do you understand people are out to compromise you everyday. Why give them the skeleton keys to open your closet? You are a fool to think everything is secure. You wanted fame, now you got it. DEAL WITH IT.

3. Lawyers and Lawsuits? What a Joke. Again YOU and your loved one took those photos and CHOSE to UPLOAD on CLOUD STORAGE, ONLINE. If anyone needs to be sued it should be APPLE. They guaranteed you safety and security but did not uphold their promise. You cannot stop hackers, they are everywhere. Without hackers, there would be no need for internet security applications. Just like if there are no drugs in the streets, no need for a police force. If there are no filled prison cells, there is no need for correctional officer jobs. Hand in Hand.


If you want to protect your privacy, do not put your “SPECIAL” photos on your computer or your phone. Save em to an external drive and REMOVE the photos on your computer/mobile phone to prevent being compromised. Or just don’t take nude/sexual photos. PROBLEM SOLVED.

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