Pretty Boy THUG


The face that set the Social Media on FIRE

Pretty Boy Thug Jeremy Meeks set the internet on BLUE HOT alert with his model-like features shown to the world when he got arrested for illegal possession of firearms. A former member of the Infamous CRIPS Gang was caught by police during a routine stop. Meeks was leaving a residence where the search warrant was to be served. Officers searched the vehicle and found 4 firearms









Meeks has a criminal history dating all the way to 2002. Also Meeks has a tattoo teardrop on his left eye indicating he PUT IN WORK. When I say PUT IN WORK it means he did a hit (Murder). Meeks has never been implicated in any murder investigation but the teardrop does arouse police interest about his past.

Meeks pleas that he is a changed man and left the gang life going on 7 years. He’s married, and a father to a 3 year old son. The strange part is his mugshot got all the attention from the ladies. The ladies are setting up a account to raise 100,000 dollars for his bail. He heard news of his model fame from his wife. So ladies, he’s already taken. READ MORE


One thought on “Pretty Boy THUG”

  1. A sista on Facebook posted this about him. I really feel what she’s saying! I agree with her 100%!

    “The 30-year-old Stockton, CA convicted felon is being held on $900,000 bail for illegally possessing firearms and ammo, carrying a loaded firearm in public and criminal street gang activity. The specific charge is street terrorism.”

    In addition to the comments on the picture, I’ve read comments of women stating the sexually explicit things they would do to him, how they love thugs and want to have his babies.

    And we have the nerve to complain about the lack of good men! Apparently we aren’t looking for a good man. We want that thug love. That thug passion. The Bad Boy.

    This is very telling of the state of mind that women have today. We are forward. We are thirsty. We are sexually aggressive. And of course this showcases another form of hypocrisy. We chatise Men for their reaction to women and their looks and here we are fawning over a criminal!

    We’d be all over men if the roles were reversed. We’d call them dogs, berate them and of course remind them that this is why good women are being passed over but we are to busy passing ourselves to bad boys to notice the good men.

    And if a criminal catches our eye and makes us lose control it’s very easy to see how we end up in dysfunctional relationships with multiple baby daddies. It doesn’t take much. Be attractive. Be a thug. Have no ambition but I’ll have your babies. ..then I’ll complain about the bum I laid down with knowing you were a bum when I met you.

    Good men are an afterthought after we let the bad boys run through us. Give us children. Sit around our house while WE pay the bills. Get disrespected. Then after we have a high body mileage we want the good man. We want him to play Daddy to the children we had with the bad boy or bad boys. The same men we mocked we look for them to marry us.

    So we look for the cream of the crop to wife up bottom feeders. And I say bottom feeders because we were fueled by our lower selves.

    “One user has set up a Facebook fan page for Meeks, who is being held in the San Joaquin County Jail on $900,000 bail.”

    This is what we’re willing to do for a CRIMINAL. ..but let our Baby Daddy be behind on his child support…we’d show him NO mercy.

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