A “STERLING” Recovery

ImageDonald Sterling and mystery girl

Donald Sterling wins again. Sterling has sold his team for 2 billion dollars, he’s slowly accepted back to the Black Community, he has all kinds of new women to play with. It seems the scandal helped Sterling become a billion dollars richer. He goes to a black church in LA and all is cleansed.


  • Donald Sterling
  • Shelley Sterling
  • Business Partners
  • Steve Ballmer
  • V. Stivanio


  • Black People
  • The NBA Players
  • Civil Rights Hustlers
  • Typical NBA Simps

Personally, I believe this was all orchestrated by Sterling. If he tried to sell the team, there would been an uproar and the value of the team would decrease. So (In My Opinion) Sterling infused a plan to where tapes would be released to impose an racial emotion among people (especially Black Folks) which in turn brought outrage and disgust. Then the NBA “ACTING” like they are stamping out Racism by suspending him and a little bitty fine. V. Stivanio player her part, she will forever be paid and known for her role in taking town a billionaire titan. Magic Johnson played his part to pretend that he’s “DISAPPOINTED” in his friend “DISSING” Johnson. Money will be passed around. This helps Ballmer in bringing the Seattle Supersonics “IT WILL HAPPEN” Ballmer sees the money in owning a sports team. REVENUE REVENUE REVENUE.

I see this as another L for Black NBA Players. They had the chance to stand up and walk out, but what did they do? Turn their Jerseys inside out and threw them on the court floor. WOW that was AMAZING…… Still Sterling won and you NBA fans will still pay top dollar to see these players run-n-dunk while the Big Fat Caucasian Owners smoker their 1,000 cigars and drink their 1,000 cognac.





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