The Need To Learn TECHNOLOGY

The opinions expressed by JackNewtown, Jack Gully, and any other affliated groups are for learning purposes only.

Recently Google has come out and admitted the old dirty secret in the tech world, “NOT ENOUGH DIVERSITY”

This is nothing new, but I’m surprised Google was the first to admit it. I have no problem Google choosing people based on merit and relationship function, just like the NBA, NFL, and MLB chooses Negores and Hispanics over Caucasians and Asians. The problem I do have is qualified people of color are being overlooked for opportunities in the tech world. Can you blame them? They (Caucasians) created the tech world, so I guess they make the rules, Right? Technically no. Technology takes on all forms. Those who can obtain it at a faster rate, survives. The problem with Blacks and Hispanics is that we use technology to our disadvantage (,, Facebook, Twitter, Porn, Booty-Calls, etc.) instead of creating products that can give us the edge in survival, we look to them (Caucasians) for all the technology. We wait on them hand and foot for the new “IT” product.

Why can “WE” a 3 Trillion dollar a year economy come up with our technology so we would not have to depend on those who do not have our best interest at heart. Instead of buying Rims, Weed, and fancy things, we can use our resources to have our own Google or Facebook. It happened in Black Wall Street where people of color came together and did business among themselves. Traded with other nations, acquired wealth and lived affluent. Yes the Caucasians did destroy Black Wall Street over jealousy using the National Guard, but we can build those glory days again because we have TECHNOLOGY far advanced than ever. If our ancestors had the tech we got now, we all would have been well-off than we are today. Instead we BEG them to put us in, we KNEEL and grovel to be in their presence. MWN is doing an excellent job with his works (excluding all the profanity) but I believe MWN can make this greater and brothers like Marques Brownlee SoldierKnowsBest and others if I did not mention you (sorry) who can take this to a whole new level. A collective group of Blacks and Hispanics creating their own tech world.

Yes some of us are limited (especially Rural areas) in internet speeds, but we have the access and we need to use it to learn. There are FREE ONLINE COURSES that can help you to learn technology related skills. My cousin who is an IT Manager with 21 years of experience said.

“The only way Blacks and Hispanics are going to compete in the Job World is through TECHNOLOGY”

That quote rings so true.

Why create blogtalkradio shows to beef with people who look like us? Why create facebook profiles to fight over miniscule matters? With technology we can share information on how to






We can’t do THAT? But we can go to the CLUB, waste money, get into fights, make babies, get drunk and waste money? C’mon we are better than that. If we can concentrate on making a jump-shot, we can concentrate on learning coding. Those Hamites (so-called Africans) have little to nothing, they get a hold of a computer and they create wonders. We get a hold of a computer and we created destruction.

The time is NOW to have our own Tech World and not rely on others to let us in their play-houses. Image

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