What You Are Fighting Me FOR???


I’ve held my tongue long enough on Tamisha Glashen Fans on YouTube. I did a retraction on my radio show and offered fans of DIYMeesha to come on and bring the TRUTH. NO one has not taken on that offer. I’ve placed the video on my channel, they continue to attack and bicker. Funny that these fans refuse to go after Racist websites that slander Glashen and her 3 children. They seem to be concerned about her image after death than be concerned about her when she was alive. Did the fans know of her situation? I don’t know. If they did know the situation before her death, did these fans pull resources to do anything that could had prevented this? I doubt it, otherwise she would be alive. It seems we are not getting to the BOTTOM of what happened instead we are told to HONOR HER MEMORY. Honoring her memory would be getting to the bottom of this matter. There is more to this, it will come out eventually. I want to know what happened so these things can be prevented in the future.


2 thoughts on “What You Are Fighting Me FOR???”

  1. You are an insensitive, ignorant, flame-throwing, attention-seeking, poor excuse for a human being.

    Your commentary is cursory and always one-sided.

    I’m sure you barely graduated high school.

    This modicum of celebrity that you think you have on the internet won’t last because you’re a fool with no depth or genuine ideas.

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