Regret: The Tamisha Glashen Story

Image Tamisha Glashen recently was killed by an low-life animal whose name I will not speak. I’m here to make an apology to Herzel Glashen for stating he may been the killer in the picture here


This pic is NOT Herzel Glashen. This is Herzel Glashen


I like to apologize to Tamisha’s family for reporting the story incorrectly. I only went by the sources that were available during that time. I will in the future wait until all the facts come through and report.

JackNewtown will be on BlogTalkRadio, Sundays 5:30pm CT to discuss this story and my error. CALL IN to express your thoughts (347) 637-1668


14 thoughts on “Regret: The Tamisha Glashen Story

    1. No kid was his and that’s one of the mistakes they made. They seem to be all in on it. Her husband was not with her at 4am. He claims to live there before death day of death he lives in Florida and the youngest kis is his.
      Herzel Glashen Football start turned preacher you will not escape.

  1. The story .. who would leave a door unlocked ? Then the cousin comes in town and don’t hear the gun shot while there sleep .. if she was married where was the husband at 4 am.. the husband page said he was from Sacramento now its Florida after her death .. could she been set up ? My opinion .. something doesn’t add up with this whole story

      1. No one with a temp restraining order would leave there door unlock. Or no one being chased by domestic violence as they are reporting. Whats with this so called husband football star changed preacher? Or her mother telling her to move there and all of a sudden she’s dead. I say this Dameesho Green is not the killer but a fall guy. What happened to his face anyway? Where is and who is the light skin man who she new that had braids or dreads braided with a thin tight face goatee? Herzel is not even a dad for any of her kids. What’s his role. Was he placed there? No family member knows nothing huh?

  2. That’s right, there is far more to this story than is being told. the truth will come out one day. Take it from one who knows.

  3. I was really sad to hear this story. Tamisha was a really sweet girl that loved her family. I always liked her videos. She had such a positive spirit. I was subbed to her channel. She will be missed greatly. RIP Tamisha. 😦

  4. Thankyou for your humility in admitting your error.
    I have come across so many people commenting/trying to report on this shear TRAGEDY and they have come up with all sorts of INCORRECT facts. It saddens me to read these as people are just commenting without getting their story straight-imagine how much pain this must cause Our dear resting sisters’ family especially her Faithful Husband Herzel.
    I’m utterly disgusted to read the comments of thoughtless individuals coming up with all sorts of evil conclusions based solely on the fact that they don’t know the full story. What happened to sensitivity and not passing negative comments out of respect to the grieving and heartbroken family?
    We should rather err on the side of caution and refrain from judgement than risk wounding already broken and hurting family members who may be reading these comments.
    We all need to take a step back and consider how we would feel if the tables were turned.
    May we learn from this unfortunate mistake and NEVER repeat or carry “news” without thorough research and really search our own motives for passing comments.

  5. I have not really tuned in to Tamisha’s YouTube page for a while so I was completely shocked and saddened when I saw a RIP video from her husband. This heartbroken news came 2 days after learning about the untimely death of a close friend who was just 2 years older than Tamisha.Almighty Yahweh knows why He takes the good people away from their loved ones. Heartfelt condolences to her loving husband, beautiful kids, parents, siblings and extended family.May you find comfort in her life and in each other.May she rest in peace and the evil one face his judgment.

  6. i didnt wanna believe it was true. i loved her youtube recipes where her and her children would cook. Such a loving person she is the vegan soul queen. RIP.

  7. She said on one of her FB posts that she never sleeps alone…Just wondering what made that horrible night so different…Where was her husband and THANK GOD none of the children were in her room…I do remember her mentioning on one of her youtube videos that her husband was away at a camp…Was he away often? She was such a happy and high spirited person…How could someone be so cold?…Smh this truly saddens me and has woke me up in a major way…RIH babygirl…

    1. Herzel Glashen has taken her you tube turned it into himself and doing the exact opposite of what Meesha was doing. Hes to slick and scary looking. He’s hiding it all.

  8. I absolutely loved to watch Tamisha. Her love for sewing, and more than that, her love for her family was overwhelming. When I learned of her death last year, I was in shock. It felt as if I had lost a daughter. She had such a kind spirit. My grief went on for quite awhile. During these last few months, have I been able to view her videos. She was a special angel that God allowed us to share for a little space in time. To her family and children, Tamisha was a blessing, and now she truly is with the angels rejoicing,no more pain or sorry. One day you will see her beautiful face once again! Margaret D.

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